Bentley & Me

From On February 28, 2010

DSCN0226Ok everyone, meet Bentley! The newest addition to our family. He is a 10 week old Yorkie that is so much like a small child. He gets into EVERYTHING and is very adorable. He’s just learned or I guess I should say has grown enough to go up and down the steps. So now we are really in trouble. His short attention span is pretty entertaining. I sit and watch him often. He thinks he’s a big dog and tries to keep up with the others we have even though they are about three times his size. You’ll meet them later 🙂 For now, here’s more pics of Bentley.


I can’t believe it’s the last day in February 2010 and thus the last post of the month. Time is flying! I’ve got a lot coming up for March: many more spring trends, photos of me in various places and anything else that sparks my interest. More puppies, perhaps? I guess you will just have to check back and find out for yourselves!

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