Fall 2010: Tracy Reese

From On September 17, 2010
Photos by Marcio Madeira

Photos by Marcio Madeira

Oh, Ms.Reese! I knew there was a reason why she was one of my favorite designers. I didn’t have words for this collection when I first saw it. The fall collection doesn’t really look like something she would create, but oh how I love it! I would wear every piece in this collection. The color palette, the textures, the chunky knits, the silhouettes. Everything is perfection. She clearly focused on layering which is always big for fall. She incorporated stirrup pants, arm warmers, and cozy scarfs. All of which I love. The translucent knit tights a lot of the models were wearing are right down my alley. I know I will be sure to buy a similar pair before the cooler weather even arrives. She also played up the different textures by using jacquards, crystal embroidery and faux fur trims.

Isn’t the above photo gorgeous?! It’s a little Madonna-esque with all the lace, black tights and the necklace. Way more girly and feminine though. I couldn’t help myself. I had to include this photo.

So this is the conclusion of the designers I decided to highlight for fall. Take a look back at the collections I blogged about from L.A.M.B., Banana Republic, and J.Crew. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!

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