Brown, Black & A Bit of Western

From On October 4, 2010
Photos Taken By Laurie

Photos Taken By Laurie

When I see these photos I can only wonder what was going through my head when I put this together. I remembering walking by this Ralph Lauren button-up in a store and thinking it was awful, but for some strange reason was very intrigued by it. The ruffles at the neck brought together by a huge bowtie. Let’s not skip over the fact that it’s this Western-looking plaid print. I thought it may look amazing with these pleat-front trousers from H&M. You might remember them from Two Yellow Lines.

I wanted simple accessories due to the plaid. I have no idea what made me think of this woven leather, mocha brown colored belt (by Linea Pelle) I got a while ago from Anthropologie and matching leather clutch (by Jacqueline Jarrot) from Martin & Osa. Years ago I despised the idea of the colors brown and black being worn together. But here I am wearing exactly that. And with plaid! I just recently (and barely) jumped on the plaid bandwagon this summer. So all three of them together is surprising. With sky-high pumps, I couldn’t be more thrilled about how this look turned out. Wow.

Thanks again to Laurie for taking these pics for me!

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  • Ashley McConnell says:

    This shirt is so lovely on you – feminine, yet not cliched and annoyingly sweet and just the right kind of classic plaid.
    love it!