Visual Art: Anthropologie

From On January 31, 2011

Anyone who is a loyal shopper at Anthropologie knows that their window displays, well displays in general, are amazing. They’re so intriging and they always leave me wondering who came up with them. I took a trip to the Annapolis store this weekend and before I could even step foot into the store I saw the window display. So so beautiful and creative, as usual. A suspended dress form in what looks to be a gown. You can’t really see, but the detailing on the top of the dress form is actually made from clothes-pins. I loved it so much that I had to take a picture (or two) to share with everyone.

The photos on the bottom I took at the store in Georgetown months ago. I believe it was not the last holiday season, but the one before. Yes, that long ago. I thought they were amazing then and still do now. This display is completely made out of paper.


Loving This Look: Mary-Kate Olsen

From On January 25, 2011

I snagged this photo from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s blog, Olsens Anonymous. I’m crazy over these Giambattista Valli platforms. Aren’t they amazing?? So unexpected. The neon pink with the white is stunning. Talk about a pop of color. I, personally, would have gone with a less-complicated hangbag. Still a great look nonetheless!


Wang & Shearling

From On January 21, 2011

So I finally got my hands on two things I’ve been wanting. One was a shearling jacket. I didn’t care if it was leather, denim or wool, I just needed one in my wardrobe. I came across this one when I went to BCBG to pick up these leggings that look like thigh-high tights. I didn’t plan on getting the jacket then, but once I tried it on I had to have it. So I went home with both.

The shoes, on the other hand, I have been searching for them for months now. Came close to winning a pair on Ebay at one point, but my laptop took forever to load the page and I lost out. Huge sad face. I kept up the search and finally added Alexander Wang to their assortment and there they were! At such a good price I immediately ordered them. The Edita Mules were mine at last! They have a 5.5 inch heel and a 1.5 inch platform. Deadly. So with the BCBG leather jacket, leggings and A.Wang platforms, I wore a thin black BCBG Max Azria long-sleeved shirt. Love how dramatic all the black is together.

Olivia is one photogenic dog. She loves taking pictures.

Olivia is one photogenic dog. She loves taking pictures.


Maxi Skirt How-To

From On January 17, 2011

In light of my last post (In The Leaves, Under The Shadows), I just wanted to share other ways of wearing a maxi skirt. While these are not your only options, they will give you some ideas. The above photo is from Shopbop. I like how they highlight the trend, but I personally would have loved to see more layering. After all, it is still cold in most states. What I do like is how they pulled together a collection of the maxi skirts sold on their website to shop all in one place. Kudos.


In The Leaves, Under The Shadows

From On January 13, 2011

These photos were taken before it got too cold. Back on that secluded path that is visited by very few. That day it was covered in leaves and a bit windy, but we managed. I love how quiet it is back there. It’s so relaxing. The sun just made it through the trees which is the reason for all the shadows.

I saw this knit skirt in H&M and thought it would be too cute with this leather bomber I got from Nordstrom some years back. The ALDO boots I’m wearing I’ve also had for years and I love them. The almond toe makes them so comfortable. Not to mention, they’re perfectly broken-in from all the years of wear. Paired them with a light turtleneck from J.Crew and a wool scarf from my huge scarf collection. I just can’t seem to get enough of them and it doesn’t even matter what time of year it is. If I see and love it, it’s mine!


Thank you so much to Kenny for taking these photos! View more of his work and become a fan here!