Quick Shots: Stripes of White

From On June 26, 2011

Sorry about the lack of quality in these photos, but I was in a rush and figured I’d snap some shots before I left. Wearing Forever 21 jeans (that have an amazing fit!), INC top, Pelle Moda heels, Andrea Brueckner bag and jewelry from J.Crew. Love the taupe and white with cognac colored pieces to finish it off.

Nails: OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques (One of my faves)


Abstract Flowers

From On June 24, 2011

I got this BCBG Max Azria dress when it first hit stores which was probably about a year ago. It’s been hanging in my closet with the tag still on it, unworn. I’ve been dying to wear it and I even had the most random color shoes that matched it perfectly. I remember when I first saw it. I hated it actually. I really didn’t know what to think. After a couple of weeks of seeing it, touching it (lol) and staring at it I decided to try it on. Surprisingly enough, I liked it. There was just something about it. Maybe because it was silk (I’m a sucker for silk). It just seems so luxurious to me.

Which brings me to today. I went to this fashion event in my area and thought that it’s vivid abstract floral print would be fun for an evening out. I mentioned a while back that I recently got into floral prints and only owned a handful of items that had it. Well this dress would be another of them (see the other piece in a previous post). I wore a nude nail polish and minimal jewelry to keep the focus on my dress. I wanted my hair up because there was rain in the forecast. I didn’t want a normal bun so I swept my hair into a ponytail and divided it into four pieces. I then rolled each piece and pinned it with bobbypins. Wahlah!

Nude nails & an oversized ring.


Paperbag Waisted

From On June 16, 2011

These are probably some of my favorite photos I’ve taken in a while. Love the randomness of a paperbag, highwaisted pant with a tucked in sweater. Not to mention the color combination of mustard yellow and khaki. The pants are from H&M and I really thought of getting them in a second color, but didn’t. The lightweight sweater is from J.Crew. They make some of the best and well-made knits. The belt is from the Gap, the shoes are by Pelle Moda and the ALDO button clutch ties it all together. Let’s not forget my Lanyapi wishbone necklace that I ordered. Check out more of her jewelry on Etsy and become a fan of her work here!


View more of Kenny’s work and become a fan here!

In Bows & Knots

From On June 13, 2011

I recently went to visit my grandmother and figured why not wear something other than the usual tank top and shorts. I just got these new shoes from ALDO (adorable, right?) and wanted to take them for a spin. I’ve been seeing a lot of knots this spring and these shoes are a little bit of proof. On the other hand, I still stuck with a tank top. I just chose to dress it up a little more with this highwaisted BCBG Max Azria tulip skirt. The gray and cream striped tank top from J.Crew tied in the shoes perfectly, while the skirt gave it a pop of color. I love its pockets and how the waistline is adorned with half of a bow.

Once I got there she told me she wanted to go pick up a potted plant. So she took me down the street to this greenhouse that was full of all of these gorgeous plants. I asked her if she came here a lot and she told me that she didn’t. I wouldn’t believe her. She picked out her plant and we made our way to the counter where the guy there informed me that he sees her pretty often. We just laughed. I can’t really blame her. That place was pretty amazing.


Tribe Vibe

From On June 10, 2011

So here we are! This is what I wore to Chevy Chase when I came across the beautiful belt from Anthropologie in my last post. Completely tribal-inspired and not realizing it until I was almost completely dressed. I finally brought out these amazing sandals by KAJU by A.G. Giraudon. I got them from Anthropologie years ago. I just love the little baubles on the top of the metallic chocolate leather. How adorable are they? The pants are a more recent purchase from Anthropologie. By Daughters of the Revolution, they are extremely comfortable and have the perfect amount of stretch to them. Not to mention, they are now on sale.

The lightweight linen shirt is from Zara. I have to wear a white tank under it because of how sheer it is. I wore two necklaces together over top of it. I got them from Express before they turned super trendy. Which means I’ve had them for a very long time! It was my first time wearing my cuff from BCBG Max Azria. I’m not big on bangles even though I love them and own quite a few of them. I think this is a decent start to wearing them more often.

Now the bag on the other hand, I can’t get enough of. I didn’t even think to wear it at first. But when I opened my drawer full of clutches I knew right away when I saw it. Do you remember on Mary Poppin’s how she had that huge tapestry bag where she could reach in and pull anything out of it? Well this bag reminds me of it (minus the pulling anything out of it). I got it from For Love maybe 2 years ago and was sold when I saw the woven tribal pattern and the wooden detailing. So gorgeous. Plus it’s big enough to fit a wallet, bottled water and any other crap I feel I need at the time.

Sorry again for the washed out pictures! I really need to spend some time checking out the settings on my camera.

Nails: Jazz by Essie
Toes: Turquoise & Caicos by Essie