22 Week Update + Q&A

From On December 27, 2016

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Hey all! I’m just over halfway through my very first pregnancy at 22 (almost 23) weeks and I must say that the second trimester is pretty awesome! Aside from the breathlessness and the urge to eat everything, it has been great. But let’s take this from the beginning.

I was around 5 weeks pregnant when my husband and I found out that it was really happening. Like, really. My mindset changed. I stopped blogging for weeks because I was concerned about being outside taking pictures with the whole zika virus crap that was happening. For a short period of time I was using OFF! bug repellent before I found an organic, non-toxic bug repellent. I mean, OFF! was awful. It was so strong and I really think it played a role in my nausea because I used it whenever I went outside. And! On top of that it was in the 90’s and I was covering up in pants and long-sleeve shirts/jackets. I wasn’t playing. Once I made the switch I was good. I even stepped back off of social media a bit. I was just sooooooooo tired. The exhaustion hit me not long after finding out that we were expecting. All I cared about was sleeping. I’m talking 3 hour naps with me unconscious. That good sleep. I could leave the house, run to the grocery store or post office, come back and be exhausted. Talk about intense.

My appetite changed. I was obsessed with fruits and veggies. I ate them every day throughout the day and still do. I was used to making smoothies daily, but couldn’t stand them in the first trimester and still haven’t gotten around to making them again to this day. My favorite places I liked to eat, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even eat a lot at a time. So that sucked. Oh and brushing my teeth?! OOOO-MMMM-GGGG! I HATED IT! I dreaded every morning waking up and before going to bed. I would gag so bad that I’d be crying. Tears just streaming. Thank goodness that stopped in the second trimester. I had never heard of that happening to anyone before. So ridiculous.

I also had an issue with my prenantal vitamins. I switched maybe 3-4 times before I found one that worked for me. Every time I took one I felt like complete crap. I would always try to sleep it off by taking a nap after I took one. My heart would be racing. I knew that could not be normal. It was also probably the only time I actually threw up. Because of my prenantal vitamins. My morning sickness wasn’t really that bad. Maybe a little nausea, but I blame some of it on the bugspray and my vitamins. So I guess I’m pretty lucky that I wasn’t someone that was throwing up everyday.

But now, at 22 weeks in, things are going well. We do know what we are having. I’ll share that soon. My appetite is on another level. I usually would eat a late breakfast for lunch and dinner with a snack in between. Now I’m eating like 3 meals a day with snacks in between. I’ve gained almost 15 pounds in the last 5 months. Almost half of that in the last few weeks. I haven’t really had any outrageous cravings. I have a crazy sweet tooth though. I keep strawberry mentos in my purse at all times. Seriously. I also eat Frosted Flakes like everyday and sometimes with a banana. I haven’t done that in years. I cut back on milk majorly before getting pregnant, but all of that is out the window. I’m also OBSESSED with Dunkin Donuts’ gauva filled donuts. I never ate donuts with fillings. But here I am lol. Most importantly, I’m still eating a lot of fruit and veggies but mainly fruit.

I know you’re also told about the infinite amount of bathroom breaks you’d be taking, but wow. I get up at least 2 times a night to pee. I even go before I ever leave the house and by the time I get to where I’m going I have to pee again. It’s crazy. And speaking of sleeping…it’s hard to get comfortable with a growing belly. Sleeping on your sides is not all that fun all night. I just toss and turn. Mainly because my butt feels numb or tender. It’s weird.

I’ve encouraged people to ask any questions about my first half of pregnancy over on Instagram, so I’ll answer those below.

– How long did you wait before you told your parents? How did you deal with the wait time between finding out your first doctors appointment?

I told my parents the day I found out. I waited until they got off of work so I could facetime them. I had to catch those reactions! Hubs was with me when we told them and secretly recorded it with his own phone lol. I told my sister earlier that day, so she was also in on it when it came to telling my parents.

The funny thing about the doctors appointment is I had actually gone to my first gyno appointment since moving to Florida about 2 weeks before I went back. I informed my doctor that we were casually trying to get pregnant. Casually as in just letting things happen and not being crazy about it. I wasn’t checking my temperature daily or taking ovulation tests. Just casual, lol. But she told me to schedule an appointment if I should happen to skip a period aka possibly pregnant. Crazy enough, I was already pregnant at the time and didn’t know! So I was back there in 2 weeks. She confirmed it with my first sonogram. Crazy, right?

– Do you have any concerns with the zika virus since you’re in Miami? Any doctor recommended precautions?

I touched on zika above, but I’m still concerned about it. I know they said that the state of Florida is now zike-free, but how can anyone be sure of that?? I don’t trust it. I don’t really go anywhere where I know I’ll have to be outside for long periods of time. I’m still using bug repellent too. My doctor recommended a bug repellent with deet and to cover up when outside. I tried the whole deet thing as mentioned above, but I also looked into it more and found out how harmful it could be to pregnant mothers and their babies. The smell of it alone tells you that it’s probably not good for you. I definitely made sure to tell my doctor about the organic bug repellent that I found and she now recommends it to her patients as an alternative.

– How do you deal with the paranoia of something happening ? How to negate negative feelings in regards to your body changing ?

The first trimester was a little scary to some extent. I think it’s natural to worry that everything will be ok. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t look forward to doctor’s appointments just to see that little heart beating. But at the end of the day you do your best. Your best to eat right, get rest and stay healthy. A lot of the time things are also out of your control. So I learned to let that go.

Honestly, I have no negative feelings about how my body has changed. I’m more amazed than anything. Yes, I’m curvier and my jeans don’t fit. I’ve put on weight, my boobs are fuller and my bras don’t fit either. But I’m growing a human! How amazing is that?! All of this is necessary for that to happen. A healthy baby is way more important to me than the pounds I’m packing on. I’m embracing it. I do stand in the mirror staring at my growing belly. I’ll turn to the side and stare lol. I’m amazed. There’s a little being in my belly. And I can feel the movements which is even more amazing. The positives are way bigger than any negatives!

Oh! I’m also trying my damn best to not get stretchmarks! I moisturize with lotion when I get out of the shower, but I found that coconut oil is everything. I already knew that because I use it in my hair, not only does it smell great, but it helps relieve the itching too. YES! A friend also recommended that I try Mustela. So I’ve been alternating between those.

But that about sums it up. Stay tuned for the gender reveal!


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