Gender Reveal: Boy or Girl?

From On January 20, 2017

StyleLust Pages Gender Reveal

I’m finally revealing the sex! I’ve kept from sharing this on my social media channels, but it’s getting harder not to slip up. There have been plenty of times where I almost shared pictures of tiny PINK clothing or referred to HER as SHE. I even asked the folks on Instagram to guess the sex. You can see that HERE. Sooo many of you guessed a boy, buuuuut IT’S A GIRL! My family and I are ecstatic, but of course, would have been happy with either. It’s just nice to FINALLY know after having to wait months to find out. Which also means waiting months to start shopping or calling her an actual name other than baby lol. Officially 26 weeks and we can’t wait to meet her!

**Pictured with the Little Love Baby ‘Sweet Dreams Baby Blanket’ available HERE.

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