Let It ‘Fro

From On November 15, 2018

Ok, guys. It was actually pretty easy to get my hair like this. The photo on the bottom was a fluffed out wash and go that was days old. To get the look in the top photo I just combed out my wash and go. I used very little product (maybe if I had used more my braid out on stretched hair would have been more defined? Maybe next time!) & braided two braids on the top and two in the back. I left them in for a couple of days. This is when a head wrap or scarf came in handy. Once I took them out I just separated my hair to give it more volume. It’s super easy and no heat is required. I don’t have bangs, but for the top look I pulled some of my hair over my forehead.

I will say that combing out a wash and go was the worst part. For me it was pretty time consuming, but worth it because I don’t wash my hair as often as I’d like. To go to bed I just separated my hair down the center and twisted it into two high buns and put on a scarf. In the morning I would just separate my hair again and go about my day.


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