On The Fence

From On May 13, 2011

I’ve always had ideas of having some photos shot in front of a metal fence. I guess today I felt would be the perfect time. I ordered these Members Only latex leggings from Urban Outfitters when that trend first rolled out. I had them tucked away when I thought of them paired with this Cartonnier blazer from Anthropologie. And with these heels from ALDO? Oh, yes! They look like just another basic black pump and then you turn around and BAM! A cute bow adorns the heels. Love it. I have maybe six boyfriend tissue tees from J.Crew. They’re great for just throwing on. I was hoping they would get them back in stores, but they didn’t. The vintage tee, a similar style, replaced them. Bummer.

I usually keep it light on the accessories. I’m not even sure where the necklace came from, but I do know I was in California when I got it. I thought I’d try something different when I bought these glasses from Forever 21. I love the way the big frames look. The massive ring came from Annie Creamcheese, a vintage boutique in Georgetown. I definitely need to take another trip there in the near future.

Big THANK YOU to everyone that takes the time to stop by my blog. I appreciate it!


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