Flying With My 11 Week Old

From On July 18, 2017

I was super excited to fly up to Maryland to visit with fam and introduce them to the newest member, but boy was I nervous about traveling with her. I did not want to be that person on the plane with the screaming baby. And I went by myself, so that just added to my nervousness. I didn’t travel with a carseat or stroller. Since I was by myself I didn’t want to be overwhelmed with having to check either. I kept it simple with a baby carrier. It made everything a breeze. She even slept in it while moving around the airport. I got it from Babies R Us, but you can find it HERE & in gray HERE.

Quick tip: If you’ve never used a baby carrier try carrying baby around in it prior to traveling. I did so a few days up until we left. I wore her around the house just to get her used to it.

I didn’t check any bags. I had a diaper bag & a carry-on. I worried about what I’d have to do going through security. That was also not so bad. They didn’t make me take the carrier off, thank goodness.

Quick tip: Put your carrier on first and your jacket/sweater/sweatshirt on over it before you walk into the airport. That way when you get to security you can just take your jacket off quickly without having to deal with taking off the carrier to get your jacket off.

You may also want to wear something so it’s easy access to your boobs if you’re breastfeeding. I wore my nursing tank that I usually live in these days. It’s bomb and I highly recommend it. Get it HERE. But then I dressed around that tank lol. Simple and easy. Oh! And if you’re traveling alone wear shoes that are easy to get on and off. Nothing would be fun about carrying your baby on the front of you and having to untie or aggressively pull off some shoes.

After getting through security though I felt like a had made it through one of the obstacles lol. I made sure to change her before we got on. No one wants to sit next to a stinky booty baby!

Quick tip: Some airlines let women with children board first. If not, just ask. I had to and they didn’t announce it, but let me board. It will give you time to get situated without holding up everyone else. And if you need someone to help lift your carry-on overhead there is usually someone there to help you. Another passenger helped me both times, but a flight attendant was also willing.

Once boarded and in our seats we were good to go. Luckily, no one was in the middle seat (we had the window) either time so that was great. I was told by a couple of people including the flight attendant to latch her on during take-off and descent to avoid her ears from popping. It just so happened that she was asleep during take-off and when we landed heading up to Maryland. Going back to Miami she was awake though so I tried it. She did just fine. Even during our time on our flight she did very well both times. No outrageous crying or screaming. She got a little fussy for a second, but she loves standing up (with help, of course) in my lap. So if she started making one peep I just stood her up. Instant smile. She’s always so proud of herself. It’s cute.

So overall, my experience flying as a first time mom was a really good one. I had no crazy people come up to me trying to touch her (be prepared for that just in case) & no crazy crying outbursts. Fingers crossed that the next time goes just as smoothly.