Brown, Black & A Bit of Western

From On October 4, 2010
Photos Taken By Laurie

Photos Taken By Laurie

When I see these photos I can only wonder what was going through my head when I put this together. I remembering walking by this Ralph Lauren button-up in a store and thinking it was awful, but for some strange reason was very intrigued by it. The ruffles at the neck brought together by a huge bowtie. Let’s not skip over the fact that it’s this Western-looking plaid print. I thought it may look amazing with these pleat-front trousers from H&M. You might remember them from Two Yellow Lines.

I wanted simple accessories due to the plaid. I have no idea what made me think of this woven leather, mocha brown colored belt (by Linea Pelle) I got a while ago from Anthropologie and matching leather clutch (by Jacqueline Jarrot) from Martin & Osa. Years ago I despised the idea of the colors brown and black being worn together. But here I am wearing exactly that. And with plaid! I just recently (and barely) jumped on the plaid bandwagon this summer. So all three of them together is surprising. With sky-high pumps, I couldn’t be more thrilled about how this look turned out. Wow.

Thanks again to Laurie for taking these pics for me!

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Shades of Blue

From On August 25, 2010

The temperature didn’t even break 80 degrees today. I’m loving this cooler weather. I decided to go with these Seven skinny jeans and this linen-like, white and blue striped button-up from H & M. I’ve been noticing in stores, magazines and elsewhere that mixing shades of blue is IN right now. Even mixing denim! Yes, I know it’s tricky, but there’s a way around it. You have to wear different washes together. Although my shirt is not denim, I definitely centered this look around the trend. The blue in my shirt is lighter than the wash of my jeans. Keep your accessories in neutral shades like camel and even gray would work. I chose to go with this camel-colored ruffle belt from the Gap and my Pelle Moda wedges.

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Two Yellow Lines

From On April 12, 2010

Kenny and I drove around trying to find an interesting backdrop for some more photos and chose this semi-busy road. With posing in between running from cars that were approaching, they didn’t turn out too bad. I’ve been looking for some tapered pants with pleating at the top. While I would rather have found some pants that were more fitted on the bottom, these pants from H&M would have to work for now. They’re high-waisted and have front and back pockets. Love them. The down side? They give off the appearance of a pouch in the front, so I had to pose carefully.

I love this silk top because of the periwinkle blue color. I always make sure to grab silk tops from Forever 21 (most of the time) when I see them. It’s always a good deal. Now this was the necklace I got from Madewell that I mentioned in an earlier post. The lucite stones and brass chains make a nice combination.

The suede Gibbard booties are from ALDO. They’re pretty comfortable and the ghillie ties are also a big trend in footwear for spring.

Women In Business

From On March 17, 2010

Yesterday was such a great day. I woke up to sunshine which is always a good start. I also woke up to a beeping alarm clock before 8am in order to get ready for my looong ride to Reston, Virginia. The Women in Business Luncheon was being held at Morton’s Steakhouse and I was more than excited to be going. This was my second appearance there and I love going because I meet such great people. Not just any people, but women that are doing the same thing as me trying to put their stamp on the world. The key speakers are always so motivational and inspirational with the speeches they give. It’s also a great way to network.

I took some pictures before I left (with my hair still in pin-curls) and was on my way. I left 2 1/2 hours before I needed to be there in hopes of getting there on time due to horrendous traffic. Turns out I was in VA an hour and half early! Woohoo! So me being the crazy shopper that I am decided to make a quick (not really) stop at Tyson’s. This mall is huge and has the best of the best. Which is why I try to keep my distance. I walked in through Bloomingdale’s and couldn’t resist walking into Louis Vuitton for a peek. I walked passed Ann Taylor and I have to say that this store has consistently been blowing my mind. I’ve never shopped in there, but since they’ve taken that new direction I’ve been in there a few times. I came out of the mall with this ridiculous necklace from Madewell and a top and skirt from Urban Outfitters. I did make it to the luncheon on time, but I was definitely cutting it close. I had a VERY hard time leaving the mall!

My mom gave me this necklace, pendant & ring waaay back when.

My mom gave me this necklace, pendant & ring waaay back when.

I wore a top from H&M, Martin & Osa skirt, Urban Outfitters tights and Jessica Simpson pumps.

Black & Putty

From On March 4, 2010

BCBG Max Azria top, H&M skirt, Express tights, Prada platforms

BCBG Max Azria top, H&M skirt, Express tights, Prada platforms

I’ve been dying to wear my Prada platforms and the other day I FINALLY wore them! They have to be one of the best birthday gifts I’ve given to myself. It’s not everyday that I wear heels to work, so as a result I had to take advantage of the moment. Afterall, I am on my feet for 8+ hours a day, I’d never make it. I wasn’t sure about the top I was wearing until I belted it with a thin studded belt. It pulled the shirt up just enough so it wouldn’t look like I was swimming in it. As you have probably noticed, I love oversized tops, so I guess either way it would have worked out. The H&M skirt was such a good deal that I ended up buying two in different colors. Skirts are staples in my wardrobe all year around. Especially minis these days. I enjoy bearing my legs. I had really felt like wearing all black but wanted a stand-out shoe. I don’t really invest in bright colored shoes, so I ended up going with the putty-colored Prada’s. I had been talking about them long enough. There was no better time to unveil them.

And a special thanks to Macee for taking the pictures for me 😉