9 Colors to Wear This Winter

Winter is coming, and that means you need to do some wardrobe planning. You’ll want to avoid wearing the same colors as everyone else, so it’s time for a little color theory! The first thing you should know about winter clothing is that there are three different categories: warm tones, cool tones, and neutral tones. Warm tones include reds and oranges; cool tones include blues and purples; and neutrals include browns and greys. What color should you wear this winter? Let’s find out more about each category of colors below!

The 9 Colors You Should Wear This Winter

Warm Tones for Winter Wear

Reds, oranges and yellows are the colors of fire. They’re hot, bright, vibrant hues that will definitely help you stand out in a crowd this winter! Red is great to wear if you want to attract attention or feel powerful, orange can make an outfit look youthful and energetic, and yellow is a great color to wear if you want to feel creative or happy.

Cool Tones for Winter Wear

Blue, purple and green are the cool colors of water. They’re deep hues that evoke feelings of calmness as well as confidence, sophistication, and stability. Blue can be worn by anyone regardless of skin tone, purple is the color of royalty and sophistication, and green can make an outfit look fresh or nature-inspired.

Neutral Tones for Winter Wear

Browns, golds and greys are known as earth tones because they represent all things natural in nature. These colors will help you dress like a chameleon this winter because they’ll match anything! Browns are great for making outfits look cozy, gold is the color of luxury and richness, and grey can make an outfit appear more professional or sophisticated.

In conclusion,  it’s best to wear a combination of colors this winter. Try wearing red with blue, purple and green; orange with brown, gold or grey; and yellow with blue, purple or green!